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Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by Relhby, Feb 11, 2009.

  1. Relhby


    Hi, anybody knows - is there any chat room for scalpers/other fast traders?
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  3. Hey I have read the book and traded for a while with those guys albeit a few years ago. No issues. At the time they seemed transparent and on the "up". Worth a check out IMO.
  4. wow there are a bunch - some free, some for pay.

    IMO if you are new to trading, watch how your room trades for a while before committing a dime. I have been in rooms (many over the years) where they are obviously simulator trading, where the basis for the trades are random or poorly planned, or trades are called the second they have to be filled leaving you no time to sight it in and place your trade before it's gone. In many rooms newbies are constantly asking off-topic Q's and calling trades which totally pollutes the thread and eveyone becomes confused. Look for moderator control and make sure you understand their system and it is compatible to your style.

    If experienced and looking for camaraderie and chatting with experienced traders only drop me a pm and I will suggest a couple.