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Do you have any experience in trading recommended stocks (securities)?!

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  1. Fx-Game



    I work and don't have time to analyze the market in the morning hours.

    However, I am sitting at my PC, and randomly would have time to execute stock recommendations.

    So my question is:
    Do you know of Any *good* Stock recommendation service (or other securities)?!

    I found some, but they are mostly paid and the fees range $100 - $350.
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  2. ZBZB


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  3. Fx-Game


    Thanks, I also have an eye on them.
    Seem to be quite professional.
  4. gaussian


    So analyze at night when you get home?
  5. Fx-Game


    There are too many.
    I need at least a scanner, that can deliver the most asked/ best stocks.
    I do not want to hold stocks, but be out of it asap.

    I am willing to pay a service, if it can deliver me good chances on a daily base.