Stock quote vs Close discrepancy

Discussion in 'Trading' started by risktaker, Jan 19, 2006.

  1. Usually, most data providers send out the last trade during market hours as the "close" for a stock.

    However, today I notice several data providers sending out after-hours quotes as the "closing price" which screws up end-of-day calculations.

    For example...X rth last was 51.07
    Many services quote it at 51.30 which was an AH trade!

    Anybody notice this? Is there some official change I'm not aware of?
  2. Yes, it definately threw a wrench into my tranny. I had my entries set and when I got to my market screens I was "WTF, why is everything so far off." Have to scrap today as a no show for myself.
  3. =========
    For some time they have had a settlement price which is frequently-notably different ;
    from last minute regular market close price which i mainly use -record:cool:

    With your example i record $51.07,not 30:cool:
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    In this specific case, last night around 17:50 ET, some ITS participant sent a bunch of late prints from earlier in the day to the tape for a bunch of different stocks without marking them with a 'Z'. Most vendors look at the last non-indicator (i.e. no 'T', 'Z', 'B', etc.) trade as the closing price, and these caused many to be significantly wrong (Yahoo and Assent among them). myTrack got it right, surprisingly. It's good to have multiple vendors for comparison.