Stock prices prior to WWII - where can I find this?

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    I was wondering if anyone knows how to get stock prices going back prior to wwII. I can check charts on yahoo for the dow and a few more indexes but no stocks. The oldest data I found for free on the internet was on bigcharts beginning on early 70s. I am looking for charts and it doesn't matter if the companies are no longer around. Thank you.
  2. You can download historical quotes for free at Yahoo! Finance:
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    The Yahoo page says "Historical quotes typically do not go back further than 1970."

    Do you know of any other resource for the time prior to WWII? 1930-1945
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    Thinkorswim has a tab called "Prophet." If you have access, it goes back "forever." If you don't have access, I can look a few stocks for you if you tell me the dates you want.

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    GE may[website or email ] give you stock prices;
    back to 1929 or so i think. But its changed its fundamentals & markets have so many new players like hedge funds, so a lack of chart data maybe a blessing in disguise,

    Dow goes back to early 1900 ,
    on prophet charts, you can figure its like today ,Citigroup does much worse than average. Some do better, in that average.

    Edwin Lefevre,Reminiscences of a Stock Operator book has more than a few old time stock names/prices.Just found a major top for ''US Steel ''in that ,$114, according to Jesse Livermore.

    Probaby find the last 7 or 8 years more helpful., for US Steel ''X.''.....

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    Thank you, SolidMom. I am looking at ThinkorSwim right now. Thanks Murray!
  7. The market as a whole won't be very interesting. It was still in the post '29, malaise.