Stock plunge... here comes the flood of traders in "distress" pics in the media

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  1. The recent definition of plunge for headlines is less than 4-5% drop.:D
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    I love these, that second guy probably just had an itch.
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  4. Yes, for the dumb money intended audience.
  5. Deep at thought....

    "Do I buy the Bentley GT Speed or the Ferrari 458.

    Damn, which one, which one!!!!???"
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  7. Traders my arse. Those are monkies in Space suites.

    The real traders are in Chicago. Those are Brokers, Floor Brokers and MMs all sucking on the tit of their Multi-national banks and the only reason they have a job is because the fucking idiots in this country beleive in 401ks.

    Where are the pictures of the true traders, LOCALS, who put up their own coin to play the game? No pictures of the boys on the CME? No pictures of the Boys on the CBOE or CBOT? Hell no, cuz most of those guys are either raking it in or left for the day to have a drink.

    I lost All respect for Wall Street years ago. Fucking clowns work on the Street for the most part. However, I have a lot of respect for LOCALS.

    Where are all the pictures of the DAYTRADERS bowing up?
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