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  1. Any of you guys/gals use or Comments welcome...

  2. Sittas


    I tried the free trial that millennium Traders offers, when i first
    started trading a year ago. So this info might not be all that accurate.

    The problem with this site is that they will call an alert
    (short/buy xyz stock) and post no stop losses or exits.
    Which means if you don't know how to trade you will lose
    a lot of money trading their calls.

    So my advice is to start learning to trade for yourself and
    don't be dependent on some guru.

    Happy trading,

  3. Yannis


    I have traded with both for a while, but it's been about a year or more.

    Millennium posts a lot of trades but imo they were not really accessible to traders like me. Made me suspicious how they accounted for their success and failures. Plus, in at least one occasion, they were really very difficult to deal with. I would not recommend them.

    On the other hand, my impressions of, and related experience with Reality Trader have been outstanding. They have smart, experienced people (e.g., Chris, Threei, Bo, Allen - they are all active here at Elite) who are really helpful, good methods and techniques which are for the most part well documented, and, overall, more professional attitudes.

    If you search Elite re. trading chatrooms and related keywords you'll find lots of helpful stuff.

    Good luck :)
  4. When referring to M-T's calls, what do you mean by "...not really accessible to traders like me." ? Also, are you profitable with reality trader? Or is it just an educational site?
  5. mm2002


    i found a good and reliable site.
    called, he posts his gains and LOSSES
    which to me make the biggest difference when looking
    for stock picking help.
    places like, tell you a stock price range
    to go long or short but no stop price and their site
    posts ridiculous entries and exits.. as if we could all
    sell at the top and buy at bottoms. aka, a joke.
    twaves is helpful and responsive.. i think he gives
    a one or two week trial as well. he trades a real portfolio
    and its very affordable and most levels.
    he adds stop levels and entries and exits.
    good luck.
  6. Thanks for the feedback! As thunderbolt asked, why was M-T's calls so inaccessible?

  7. Sorry, why WERE......
  8. Yannis



    As I mentioned before, my experience with these two sites was a bit dated - last year and the year before. So some things may have changed there, but I am not certain.

    Since I had traded full time since early 1999, and had already proven my ability to trade profitably, I had thought that my experience was adequate for both of them. What I wanted was a bit of help in calling trades and some companionship during the trading day. So, I tried a few trading chatrooms.

    At M-T, my experience was that when I was trying to take the suggested trades, most of them were either too fast for me or the suggested best moment to enter had passed by the time I could get to the particular chart and look at it. Also, sometimes, I did not agree with their accounting - some of the posted trades I thought were a bit "optimistic" in terms of being attainable to the average participant in that chatroom. I don't remember too many details, but my experience led me to the realization that this was not a good place for me. I spoke with others about this and I got some confirmations that my perception was justified. At the same time, I could see that in that chatroom there were traders who were successful and happy, so I don't really have a proof here, nor am I interested in proving anything, just relaying my own perceptions. After the trial period there, I had broken even or was slightly positive, so no big complaints either.

    At Reality, the story was different from the start. Chris, Threei and Allen explained their approaches clearly and answered questions happily. The setups were either slower or better planned and I could catch most of them. The atmosphere was, imo, friendlier too. Although I don't think I ever made it to Bo's room, some friends had spoken very highly of it. But, daytrading was my preferred style, and Bo concentrates on swing trades. I think I stayed in Allen's QQQ trading room for a week or two and made some money. However, when I went to Chris' more aggressive daytrading room I was what I consider quite profitable: trading 100 shares instead of my usual 500 or 1000, and taking one trade at a time, instead of my 2 or even 3 sometimes, I was up more that $400 the first week alone. With a bit more practice I would have done better. Clearly, their style fit me better.

    Trouble is that at about that time I decided to focus on trading the eminis and left that chatroom too for greener pastures yet. Greedy, right? :) Still, I'm grateful to those Reality guys for sharing with me what they were doing, and I would recommend them to others too.
  9. Once again, thanks for the feedback! It helps..