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    Hi everyone. Was wondering if anyone out there can recommend any pay sites (can be free sites too) that have reliable stock picks?

    Also, Im looking for a stock screening program that allows me to set many variables so I can look for specific setups. Looking for more then just price volume and change.

    Any info would be greatly appreciated
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    be vary wary about stock picking sites. There may in fact be some good ones, but your best bet is to learn to trade your OWN style. It takes time and patience.
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    I have been searching the site and am now a bit overwhelmed by all the different scanning sites and software. Let be be a little more specific, does anyone know of any scanner that is similar to the Tony Oz scanner. I would be interested in trying his out, but it only works with real tick, which I dont use.
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    Chuck_T eSignal

    You can check out the eSignal Market Scanners. There was a good review of them in the latest copy of Stocks and Commodities magazine.

    It runs either stand alone or links into eSignal. Here is the link:


    Plus check out: for more information.
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