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Discussion in 'Trading' started by Aero5, Mar 17, 2002.

  1. Aero5


    Hello All,

    I've tried my hand at daytrading for a little over a year and have to admit I've had mixed to below average results. I'm not ready to give it up yet but feel it's necessary to take my personal trading in a different direction.

    I've decided to try to take a swing approach to trading as opposed to the daytrading that I've been practicing. Does anyone know of a site (s) on the net that provides specific swing recs based on TA? I've tried HRE, but I was hoping to find something a bit more specific. Though I prefer "free," I'll consider paying for a service if it's reasonable.

    Thanks for the help,

  2. trdrmac



    Here is what I think, there are a zillion services that will send you email on their ideas of stock picks. If you do a keyword search on YAHOO or look in any Trading mag you will see ONE for sure advertised. There is no cost for these, as they usually want to sell the bigger package to you. I would get on 10-20 and see if you like any of them. I get a twice daily email from a well known trader who put me on his list as a return of a favor. These are all great, but none of them really fit my style or need for information. Hence, I just don't feel comfortable with many of the trades, unless they just happen to cross my search.

    Personally, I would think your money would be much better spent on a charting service, and spending each day looking at what is happening in the market. What is making a new high, low, break outs, break downs, volume, vix, etc. This has helped me more than anything else that I do.

    Final thought to ponder. In a book I read last night there was a table of mutual funds that happened to be from John Hancock. In the early 90s I worked for Hancock and bought the Special Equities A and it was the first time I tripled my money in the market. Mike Dicarlo was the mangers name, but his fund went cold. Garret Van Wagoner was another hot hand, except last year where 70% of his gains went back to the market. Gurus go cold, helps to work several strategies.

    Best of luck.
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    free week trial. lots of swing plays. annotated charts and interesting commentary. chat-room for real-time plays.
  4. trdrmac gave you some good advice.

    fwiw, I would say avoid stock pickers altogether. Watch the market, paper trade, trade small, experiment, learn from mistakes.

    If you must buy a service, Alan Farley at HRE and Vadym at realitytrader are two "gurus" (they both hate that word) who are not scum bags. Also, you might want to sit in the bookstore and peruse Alan's "Master Swing Trader." This is not a testimonial because I have never used either service, but like I said they are not scum bags like much of the rest of this industry, imo.
  5., I have been with these guy's and I think they are loosing there minds as they are always changing things and pi**ing me off.

    BUT.... they do offer a day trading section free, might help you nearly all the plays go off, and I have had a few very good tips, just be weary.
  6. I've tried many myself, and is my B.S, no frills, no advertisements, and 100% technical analysis. Still waiting for someone on ET to claim there's a better one out there. Good luck.

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    Guys please try and tell me what you think.

    Just subscribed to their 2 week trial .
  8. I tried before; the site is so confusing it took me the best part of half an hour to find out what was going on. Full of stuff, I like to keep it simple. E.G what stock is going to have the best chance of making me some cash?

    Not fundamental, special technical section, real-time blah blah etc etc they had 7 different buttons with 49 sub menu's along the top I mean come on!! Talk about allot of BS!!
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    Agree about confusing wwatson1, but one thing I like about the site is the Day Trading Center. unfortunately I have to be a Gold Member to use it. :(

    Also the University, and Money Trek are very useful for beginners like me.
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