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  2. Thanks for the site, no fees there yet I see. I paid more for elders book though at barnes and noble, shoulda waited I guess.
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    Other stocks in the list are:


    AM, BCR, CLX (shorts)
  6. cookpr


    Granted these are free picks, which one always has to be leary of, but I dont see any peformance or history charts. As in what are the track records of these picks?
  7. Want to see a stock of the day take a look at every day there is a daily stock analysis. When the stock price crosses the entry point this thing really rocks. For quite some time I have seen these picks work out. SOmetime they don't reach the points and then shortly after they cross over and work out.

    At worst case scenario you can make a good list of stocks to watch if you have a alert in your system.
    In this market knowing is half the battle.

    there is a short list available as well.

    Good Luck.
    Simple analysis is all thats there no recommendations.
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