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  1. ceaser


    I would like to start trading and investing on the market but want to get some education first. I was looking around the internet and saw the Technitrader course. Has anybody gone through their ME10 Methodology course?
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    They mention no price -- run from anyone who hides price.
    If it's on eBay, see if it gets bought in an active auction.

    Same ol' crap is same ol' crap. Good stuff will live on.
    In 2017, with the Interwebs and all that, there is no reason for anyone *not* to have a reputation, unless they are entirely brand new, or they suck. (This applies too, to those who keep changing their brand.)
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    Hail O Mighty Ceaser :)

    Which do you want to do most, and why?
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    PS that was "Caesar" nevertheless I am sure he appreciates being hailed!
  5. ceaser


    I believe the course costs $2000. The technitrader site says it is best to start position trading. It is supposed to be the easiest to learn. They say over the long term it can be lucrative than day or swing trading.
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  6. MrScalper


    You noticed..trivial, but at least you pay attention:)

    It is the answer that matters most!
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  7. birzos


    You get what you pay for, to make any profits in the markets you need the same level of knowledge as close to a millionaire, that translates to $100s/hr. Unless you're a rookie with no knowledge then it can give to a kickstart, these are the fat tails.

    Everything in the middle, you will gain less than they make in fees, but that's where all the action, and noise, is located so you will feel "empowered" as the markets strip you of your capital, it's a funny process.
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  8. MrScalper


    You are quoting more academic rubbish!

    As for knowledge, it is never knowledge on its own that makes a is the "correct" application of knowledge.

    Example..most who try come to learn about support and resistance. Just because you draw a line at a certain level does not mean that price is going to bounce or break at that level!

    The key thing is..being in the right place at the right time so that you can take advantage of what actually happens!

    Save your money..the course mentioned, along with all the other courses are nothing but a waste of time and money..they will do nothing but keep you from what you need to do.

    Some day you will realize the truth in what I say..if you are lucky enough to have any money left you might then start to trade risk correctly..and see that making money has nothing to do with "predictions"..but everything to do with "reactions"!

    You are welcome :)
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    Beware the Ides of March :)
  10. ceaser


    So in your opinion Mr.Scalper, what is the best way for a person to learn how to trade on the market. Technitrader is supposed to be a very reputable training company. The 2 people who started the company are both long time successful traders.
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