stock market to begin correction

Discussion in 'Trading' started by new to zoo, Apr 6, 2004.

  1. Methinks the S&P has topped at 1150. I'm shortening up.
  2. pspr


    Back for more punishment, eh James?
  3. Gee, is this James or Manolo this time?

    Maybe it's Anthony Trader or Romeo.
    Damn, I get so freaking confused with all of these aliases!



    Where have I seen this before? :)
  5. Mecro


    Aight lets be civil and try this.

    Whats your reasoning behind this short?
  6. In traders eyes, this is not correction but just retracement. Buy and you won't regret.
  7. There is no reason.
    There hasn't been ANY reason for the last 100 points in the S&P!

  8. Please don't put words in my mouth. You don't know my thinking.
  9. If there's no reason, then why are the markets all down 1% today?? Take your foot out of your mouth and tell us.
  10. If you are short, when are you going to cover, is this a day trade, a swing trade, postion etc...

    Why do you make a poll? Will you take some actions depending on the result of the poll ?
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