stock market ready to crack and crash

Discussion in 'Politics' started by new to zoo, Mar 22, 2004.

  1. look out below, the market is ready to come tumblin down./
  2. Fine, I wanna hear of margin calls.
  3. The next large terrorist attack is gonna hurt bad - and then some.
    Continued high gasoline prices also pretty much hurt consumers on the bottom line too.
  4. Ditch


    Isn't the world a safer place now, thanks to George Bush?:confused:
  5. Cheese


    Sweet .. market takes a major pullback and suddenly everyone and his dog is a bear.

    Pullback is damn good for the action, sure.

    But this bull cycle ain't gonna die.
  6. lindq


    Yep. I sure am glad we went into Iraq to get rid of Saddam, who was such a threat to us. Our standing in the world, and our security, has vastly improved. If you don't believe me, just ask Bush.

    Or Colin Powell. (Now THERE'S a major disappointment!)
  7. new to zoo,

    any special reason for your market call? Is it based on some tech indicator?

  8. *********************************

    Yes, all the terrorists are now over in Iraq, fighting the US occupation and the establishment of democracy.
    They would never think to come to the US for revenge. They're just a bunch of stupid muslims.
    In fact, they probably like the US even more now because of the Iraq liberation.
    And they are so afraid to die, that military might will just make them cower and run home.
    I'm so glad we have George Bush as our leader.

    And the market will go down more which is great for my heavy long position.
  9. Mecro


    The next?

    There is a bomb in Iraq EVERY DAY and has been for the last several months. There have been terrorist attacks in Israel for decades. Just because the American media machine is finally starting to expose the terrorist reality, does not mean that the threat was never there. Anyone selling now because of terrorist fears is a complete moron. There are other reasons to sell like the slowly evident failure of the Fed's cheap money policy.

    Inflation is alive and well and has been since the Fed starting pumping out cheap dollars. The CPI & PPI numbers are pure lies since prices have only been going up on everything for over a year. Commodities are going up, energy is going up, food, clothing, almost anything you can think of except maybe rent in some areas. Energy costs in the longterm will continue to go up as far as we use a finite source like oil.

    I don't know where this market is going or what it is doing. It could be getting ready to sell off this BS rally from last April and continue its bear market that should have never been interrupted. Or it's just shaking out weak buyers and letting the shorts get established just to rip them later. What I do know is that the volume is weak and feels very fake. Volatility is low. And the specialists' abuses of the day traders gets worse everyday which is a signal that there is a lack of big fish in the game.
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    It's just another alias for James Stock/Romeo. Why don't you search for his previous threads and find out the true story behind him.

    In other words, do not pay any attention to this idiot.
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