Stock Market Rally

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How high would the market bounce, if it bounces?

  1. The skies the limit

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  2. +20%

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  3. +10%

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  4. +5%

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  5. +2%

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  6. Prefer not to tell, but I LOVE TJ's threads

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  1. With XIV at 5.65 (XIV is short volty), some models developed by some guy told me to consider the long side. Assuming we have a successful rally, I thought to ask the experts here what is to expect/not to expect from it?

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  2. +11% is possible within a month given huge VIX. but i am not predicting a rally of this size.
  3. Lucrum


    Could you start adding another option to your polls?

    (o) Prefer not to tell, but I HATE TJ's threads
  4. Percentages in the poll are relative to SPY 114 (today's bottom).

    Do not forget to vote! Look up there. There is a poll.
  5. Interesting lows of day: SPY 114, and XIV 5.65. Notice the 5.65, and the estimated of the models mentioned in first post. If they hold, I think I would be able to :)
  6. looks like a slow crash which is scary.
  7. How are the bears going to clean their underwear after this third day?
  8. First retreat in 3.5 days. SPY at 115.10 area. Buyers (bears covering their losses?) might start appearing if it moves lower. If they step on each others around the 114.60 to 114.40 area, it would mean the bears might have reached the decision to take losses (or profits?) depending on where they shorted.
  9. SPY at 121.50 area, and QQQ above 57. QQQ is only 5% away from the top.:) This massacre has to end soon or we have a market that went from bears market to bull market in two weeks.:D

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