Stock Market Never Going Down Again

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  1. I sure wish a market pundent would say this, Like Abby or Joe Battapaglia.

    Geez up up up up up every day, when will it end!
  2. S2007S


    18 out of 20 is now becoming 19 out of 21 up days. New intraday highs as I type this at 13141.

    14k by mid summer, 15500 by the end of 2007. :p
  3. Sure seems like it. Seasonality, soft numbers, nuclear war. NOTHING. If anythign the moves are accelerating. At this pace 20k dow and 1900 sp are possible.
  4. Does it really matter.

    What matters is that you stay on the right side of the markey and just let it take you where it goes.

    The side effects of all this market tampering ... well that is another matter. But so long as you remain on the right side of your trades and stay debt free then you are bulletproof.
  5. what are we up 800 points in 2 weeks on the dow 1100 from the march low.

    what is going on here no retracement to speak of just straight up. makes you feel like a complete fool for not buying yesterday the day before, the day before that,

    Ah yes the ole stock market, what a seductive lover she is. Then you wake up and find you have syphilis. wheee but aint it fun while it lasts wheee.
  6. Is it ok to buy after an 800 point rally in the last two weeks?
  7. Of coarse it is dopey, its going up 500 next week

  9. Oil is joining the party wheee
  10. The fundamentals don't mean Sh$t when you can borrow free money from Fukui in Japan and leverage into anything
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