Stock market music

Discussion in 'Trading' started by easyguru, Mar 12, 2006.

  1. Slasdot has this interesting posting about stock market music.
    Playing the Market is a recent experimental music recording by Emerald Suspension. The project features audio compositions based on patterns found in the stock market and in economic data.
  2. I've found that trading with music is distracting, in general,

    Even Mozart :)
  3. Surdo


    It helps me concentrate.
    The puppetheads of CNBC are a useless distraction.
  4. i wouldn't call that music. but you might argue otherwise... I cant stand it.
  5. 'IPO' is very nice.
  6. Chagi


    I suppose that someone could technically call that music, but I agree that it was terrible.
  7. I'm always jamming to the new beats, trance, dance, hip-hop.

    Kinda keeps me in the "groove" of things :cool:
  8. the theme from the Titanic playing during a downday when you are short helps with the mood:)
  9. Chagi


    Agreed. ETN, DI and Afterhours DJs are all stations that I listen to while studying. You might even hear a couple of my mixes on AH, I used to be a trance DJ. :p
  10. That new Bravery cd is great. Also that new Killer cd, but Bravery really is good.

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