Stock market lost 1 trillion as Congress pass bill

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  1. Interesting how they are going to explain their constituents
  2. Market will rebound, especially when Maria b gets on

    This bailout very good for the US economy and stock market.
  3. You are right, just look how bullish the response was, LOL

  4. I speak five languages relatively well, and I cannot think of one word in any of them to describe how much of a tool you are.
  5. The news is being digested. The funds know this is a good time to buy and are waiting to more shorts to pile on so they can be squeezed for maximum pain.

    If it didn't get passed ..yea that would be some bad
  6. Isn't ET grand???
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    LOL! This may be the funniest post for the month.

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  9. Are you under the guise that it is possible to spend your way out of debt?
  10. WHAT LANGUAGES?Mexican, Puerta Rican, Honduros, El Salvador, Nicaragua, and Jamaican? :eek:
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