Stock Market Looks Set To Really Crash Hard

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Aaron Copland, Oct 23, 2008.

  1. Zero support on the bid. Dow may hit 7000 real soon.
  2. Maybe, but can you post anything to support your statement? A chart? TA? An oracle you visited in Shangri La?

    Otherwise this is just a chit-chat topic.

    Please post something of substance.
  3. 50% correction of DOW 14,000 is 7,000. Lower, with more governmental tampering. A 50% correction of the high has been long forecasted and overdue.
  4. LOL.
  5. AMEN!!!

    Getting tired of people making blind predictions and polls seeing whether people think instrument X (gold, Oil, Bonds, S&P, ...) will go up/down on/by date Y and/or whether price Z is relevant.

    The answer? Maybe, maybe not

    Almost wish Moderators would delete pointless threads.
  6. Then get short
  7. LOL the volume is light today. Don't expect much downside
  8. A symmetrical Triangle is forming. Its a continuation pattern. 9800 minus 8000 is 1800 putting us at 6600 on the dow.
  9. I make money either way. Let it crash, so we can get a new bull market. Shit or get off the pot.
  10. It wouldn't matter what volume was, you still would either say "don't expect much downside" or "expect a huge EOD rally". Either way, even if signs were pointing lower you'd just ignore them anyways :)

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