Stock Market King

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  1. He does not have an email, address or phone #

    Michael B.
  2. But The King has a 814.8 point gain in Dax since July.
  3. Apparantly, he is always in and reversing. His current trades are

    Dow +30 from 12/24/03
    DAX -58.50 from 12/16/03
    Hang Seng +78 from 12/19/03
    Nikkei 225 -61 from 12/25/03
    FTSE +101 from 12/17/03

  4. Lol did you find this guy.....

    You must be bored....doing a google search of stockmarketking. :)

    Michael B.
  5. The name of the thread is "Follow my trades".
  6. madf


    I think he is wonderful, his record speaks for itself and I shall follow every trade with fervour and conviction..

    PS : what does drawdown mean?
  7. skim


    Drawdown? Don't be silly - you've not been following the thread.

    If you have any losing trade you just void it, it's that simple. Voiding is perfectly allowable on this strategy - just phone the broker, explain the situation, and they will restore your account balance as if the trade had never happened. True! I know that because mug2k does it all the time on his thread.
  8. What is the name of his broker?
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