Stock Market is a ponzi scheme.

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  1. Bernie Madoff and Bill Gross all say publicly say the US is a ponzi scheme. The US dollar has no value. The US dollar is just a piece of paper and stocks are just paper.

    It's not even a game, it's fucking fraud and a fucking scam.

    The reality is the stock market is ponzi scheme or 90% of the stock market.

    Why do you think Buffet still has 40 billion in cash and only invested in commodities like oil and only a few stocks and only invested in Goldman Sachs(operator of the casino)

    As for Buffet, he runs a hedge fund, he sells puts and does derivatives. His buy and hold investments are 'dead money'.
    Buffet and rarely invest because there are so few investments worthy of investment and he doesn't have 40 billion to invest.

    The only new cash coming to this market is FED buying bonds. The FED is printing the new cash. There is no new cash coming from retail investors or mutual funds.

    The FED is not doing nobody any favors. All the FED is doing is ripping off bond investors getting ripped on interest rates and ripped on stocks. Investors are getting below market interest rates and paying more than market price for stocks and ripped off in commodities because of government intervention in the free market. So tell fucking Bernanke to fuck off!
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    Sigh. It's not a ponzi scheme, it's a buy the dip scheme. You feel me?

    (Yes you are right it's a ponzi scheme)
  3. Buffet only invests in commodities and a few stocks? :confused: I suggest you fact check yourself.

    Buffet runs a hedge fund? :confused: I suggest you fact check yourself.

    Buffet sells puts and does derivatives? How do you do derivatives?

    Buffet's buy and hold investments are dead money? :confused: I suggest you fact check yourself.

    Why don't you stop bitching and find a way to make money? Adapt or die.
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    Study the evolution of mankind and you'll see neither the dollar nor the stock market are ponzi schemes. The stock market represents something that is tangible and the dollar is a promissory note and a means of exchange. The dollar could be considered a contract where it represents an exchange of goods and services based on a promise to work. The reason we use pieces of paper is because a barter system doesn't work efficiently. Therefore, the piece of paper does have value, the same way any other promissory note has value. All promissory notes come with a risk of default, however.

    Take a dollar out of your pocket and read the top. It says, "Federal Reserve Note," as in promissory note.
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    where do we get these guys? or is it just one guy with a few new aliases every couple months?
  6. I have a feeling it is the same guy or guys with new aliases, but who knows. Him or they sure don't have a clue though.
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    anything that is being artificially propped up is most definitely a ponzi scheme....had madoff had the power to make money out of nothing he would still be at his game.
  8. Bingo.
  9. No, you missing a major point, madoff has no both taxing power and crating money out of thin air, but, it is not illegal for government to do those things.
  10. I rarely post on this board anymore i just come for news most comments and members .. most of the posters here are ghost posters posting threads to get ad assholes fraudsters hustlers in the market.

    People who work for hedge funds or in industry would never post here since their is no privacy on internet postings.

    this website used to have like over thousand users now it's 100.

    only people posting here are ghost writer who are paid to post or people selling something. etc.

    I'm just regular average joe in the mean wall streets.

    just treat this market thing as one big fucking scam casino and everything is cool. so fuck off! if don't like my post. I don't give a fuck if you don't like thread.

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