Stock market for dummies

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  1. hi,

    Suddenly my sister got interest in the Stock market. :D

    What is the good book that gives introduction to
    stocks,bonds,options, futures in layman terms which she
    can read before I jump in.

    Thanks for any reply.
  2. I would say read both "Technical Analysis of Stock trends" By Edwards&Magee as well as the intelligent investory by benjamin graham.

    The reason for that is because you need to be exposed to both schools of stock market thought (Fundamental vs Technical) Since I am a technical trader I would advise you to get a book on candlesticks next (Japanese Candlestick Charting 2nd edition by Steve Nison is as good a place as any as well as Beyond Candlesticks New Japanese Charting Techniques revealed by Steve Nison).

    Here are the links to all books mentioned:




  3. Why would she read the book if you're jumping in?
  4. Thanks ... :)