Stock Market Cycles / Time Frame Analysis

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  1. I'm in the process of adding some stock market cycle analysis to my swing trading strategy to help project when tops or bottoms may occur and the lengths of various trends.

    Can anyone recommend any books, strategies, software, etc. that they have found to be helpful? Thanks!
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  3. I appreciate the info!
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    thnx odd, never heard of Patricia Lynch before.
  5. Hello Formikatrading, often seen used for 'timing' is the Dynamic Trader program which has several timing tools.
    EOD and Realtime.

    Advanced Get has 2 'timing' tools, the Ellipse and MOB.
    EOD version also.

    If you are familiar with fibo calculations, these can be used for time projection targets, all timeframes: H/L x fibo #s, add amounts to H or L, and/or, add to the start of the next wave after the H/L.

    Also a major HH/LL, count between them and apply fibo calculation, add to second HH/LL.

    Also count the bars to see if they hit fibo series #s and or Lucas series #s 4 7 11 18 etc.

    Time 'clusters' where the time target is being hit by several time projections targets simultaneously. Wallace.
  6. I have studied timing of tops and bottoms for over 5 years and came to conclusion that any timing method which uses constant ratio or fib number or wavelength have success rate only slightly better then coin toss. You have to use previous price action swing size and duration and recalculate your ratios which can be time consuming when daytrading . But this is the only way if you are shooting for 80% accuracy.
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