Stock Market Bulls Are Screwed

Discussion in 'Trading' started by myminitrading, Nov 1, 2007.

  1. No more help from fed, can't even start any rumors, sorry bulls. Maybe try Osama Bin rumors.

  2. but they still have the damm ppt ..which is trying to gun the shorts as we speak ..
  3. The only Bin Laden rumor that could possibly work is if he makes public a 'directive for petrodollar fund managers to buy US dollar assets and end the war against the western idealogy'.

    I guarantee that would work much better for the bulls than finding him and doing the original bush plan.
  4. You've been saying the same doomsday **** since I joined ET in summer 2006.
  5. averaging 10 posts a day...
  6. Guess you haven't checked the Fed Funds futures today . . .
  7. Thats a lie, don't you remember, mini,sttrdr,makloa. Everyone call us the three stooges are something like that.

    I know when to shift gears, and Im shifting.
  8. Sorry about that. I sometimes confuse poppoh, dumpanddump, mymini, S2007. Best luck though.
  9. I will fall over if some fed chairman makes some soothing comments for the markets. Freak the market let em fall.
  10. Now they are double screwed, Jobs look fine. Now the fed can do nothing.
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