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  1. I need a list of every NYSE stock that trades more than 250,000 shares daily on average. Short of the immensly tedious process I'm currently undergoing - taking a list of every listed stock, typing it up into Yahoo! Finance, and seeing if it trades more than a quarter million shares on average, is there any easier way to compile such a list? Any help in this process I will be immensly grateful for.


    - Will
  2. Bob111


    list of common stocks traded on nyse with average volume >=250K for last 30 days
  3. Bob111: Thank you very much, this is exactly what I needed and you have saved me hours of time.

    Michael: MSN's screener I tried earlier, and unless I'm really stupid and missing something obvious (which may well be the case), it appears to only have fundamental statistics from which I can screen - I don't see average daily volume anywhere.
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    scroll down then click on delux screener link, right bottom corner, to start install delux screener. If you do it right this will be equivalent of Bob sreener
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    scan for SP500 shows tech sector is on the move.