Stock investors do better under Democrats

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    Don't forget your pom poms kunt2.
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    Because democraps turn on the government money taps after periods of relative responsibility under Republicans then Repubicans are left to fix either the inflation or the coming recession after democrap administrations.

    "Some of the difference stems from the fact that every Republican president since at least the end of World War II has faced a recession during his first term in office, Stovall said. Nine of 11 recessions that began since 1945 -- and seven of eight since Kennedy ran for president in 1960 --started with Republicans in the Oval Office. "
  4. You call Reagan/Bush and Bush 2 periods of relative responsibility with the debt and deficits they left behind ?

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    Democrats have been a train wreck every single time they controlled both houses....... :mad:

  6. Bush unfunded tax cuts,Bush unfunded wars,Bush unfunded medicare drug program all passed when republicans had the House and the Senate.
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  9. Does the article mention that the market does "well" with a Democrat in the White House only when there is a Republican-controlled Congress? Nah, I didn't think so. :D :eek: :p :cool:
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