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  1. I'm moving more into buy and hold investing since work and life don't really let me trade right now.

    Right now I'm thinking about buying some csco. I like the company and it looks like they are starting to increase dividends.

    Feel free to post companies you like.
  2. CSCO is certainly a good buy at these levels.

    But, my proprietary Stock Quantification model shows that DELL is 15% better priced, and HPQ is 14.81% better priced than CSCO.
  3. i just took a large position in CSCO a few days ago as noted in my journal.

    As far as dell and HPQ..they're both dinosaurs that have seen their better days. Until they have a defined business model that shows how they will regain leadership they once had, I would never initiate a long-term investment in either of these companies, regardless of how cheap they might appear.

    With that said I believe HPQ is closer than dell, however HPQ is taking on a behemoth of competition in thanks.
  4. Both DELL and HPQ has fundamental catalysts in place for substantial gains ahead. Unfortunately, I prefer not to disclose them since my hedge fund is currently long both.
  5. Ehh, Imo, KFN is under the radar. Has the benefit of being a nice long term hold and/or trade a piece of it if you like as it moves around the chart.
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    Don't you pay attention to the levels of their corresponding index for determining relative levels?

    CSCO looks "cheap" because it's weak compared to it's parent index, but the index does not look as attractive due to being close to potential resistance.

    Good or bad you kind of need to push from the market to do well.
  7. If you were infact already long both, wouldn't you want to disclose the information to get more longs involved after you've already initiated? I don't understand the logic in that, if you told me you were thinking about going long I would understand, but the fact you are already long doesn't make much sense to keep any good news disguised.
  8. KFN looks interesting. I'm going to look at that one a little closer the next couple weeks.
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    May want to take a look at SPLS, stumbling recently on top line but that FCF is still there.
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    Is investing in a short position ever a consideration ?
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