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Discussion in 'Trading' started by SH_DW, Apr 23, 2008.

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    ..are all over the board today. no trends, erratic.. anyone else feel the same?

    Was in short.. got kicked out with sudden rush of buyers around 310p est!

    It feels as if buyers are "waiting" for dips.. then pouncing.. looks BULLISH on observation, BUT FEELS BEARish.. just a gut feel, I am a system trader.. therefore, I won't act on my gut..'s just.. interesting.. any comments??

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    Did I post the above on the WRONG Forum??

    If so, mea culpa.. where would this thread be most applicable??

  3. The market is confused right now. We need to pick a direction.
  4. The market was waiting for AAPL earnings (and others) and we're short-term overbought. I think a lot of people were hoping for/fearing another Google-style spike out of Apple. They announced solid earnings but nothing "insanely great" so the stock's down slightly afterhours along with AMZN, SBUX and the futures. Nothing catastrophic but it looks like we'll probably head down tomorrow. There was a huge amount of tension around AAPL earnings.