Stock Filters/Scan - SSE workstation?

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  1. Has anyone heard of an SSE workstation to filter stocks. I'm just looking for a little more information, maybe a web site or phone number.

    I'm farmilar with "madscan" and "trade ideas" they do a good job but could be better.

    I used "insight" before which ran "whisper filters" but that got shut down. It was expensive but really good for scanning the market and finding anything that was moving. You could write rules to find anything, it was very stable and reliable. I'm just looking for a similar platform.

    Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

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    Bringing this back up

    Has anyone heard where you can find this software? I heard it is sold in group licenses and you have to find a reseller. Thanks for any information people can provide.
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    I was also interesting in finding out where to get this software. All I heard is that you have to find a reseller. Does anyone have an email, web site, or phone number for this software or even someone to ask how to find it? Thanks!
  4. How do you like stockfinder 5? It was one of the scanners that I was considering.
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