stock/etf intraday market data vendor?

Discussion in 'Data Sets and Feeds' started by nocloud, Feb 17, 2012.

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    Does anybody know any good vendors for intraday stock/etf data? I am looking for minute resolution bars to do some backtesting. I am looking for a vendor that has a good combination of price and quality.
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    I should clarify that I am looking for historical intraday stock data, and not a live feed.
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    I had a similiar search last year. See the ET Thread:

    I was mainly concerned with 1-min ETF data. I settled on the stocks edition from pitrading,, that was recommended.
  5. TradeStation if you have the funds to open an account there.
  6. This comes a little bit late to help me since I just purchased from last week. The quantquote data quality is good and i am satisfied overall, but I am also intrigued about the tradestation option for future reference.

    how much money do you need to open a tradestation account? What are the monthly charges? how much history do they provide and for how many symbols (is it free if you have an account with them)? reason i bought from quantquote was because i needed 10 years of history and also history for symbols that have already been delisted. does tradestation provide that?