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    Hi evebody! How can one determine where a stock is going to move from the opening? I mean, if I open position by opg print (opening price), are there any clues that can help me to determine the direction from the opening price?
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  3. I've been wondering the same thing. Also, if anyone can tell me how to make an automatic mechanical trading system that will effortlessly extract millions from the market, I'd appreciate it.
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    There is no and will never be such thing. Because if it really existed, as the time goes, you would be even richer than Bill Gates once was.
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    In the reality, sometimes it has a higher open and goes higher. Sometimes it has a higher open and goes low. Personally I think, the answer is you can't determine the movement of the day by opening.
  6. Oh really? Damn! I was hoping someone would give that to me or show me how it works. In fact it was the main reason I was posting here. Oh well, I guess there is no hope left. Oh cruel world.
  7. R-O-N-G. There is such a thing and for the low price of $99 a month I will show you how to make billions. I'm temporarily expanding my subscriber list to a select few individuals. You can be one of them.

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  8. Form your best guess based on intuition. Then do the opposite.
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    You knew the answer is no before you posted here. Your reply is funny though!
  10. ==========
    a]Yes, candle-Bar-trend;
    but its probabilities, not predictions.:cool:

    b]But forget about 1 year /data , on SPY right now, its to much sideways slop-trend, my friend .

    c]Citigroup[c] is a fair downtrend, but 1 year candlechart/barchart SLV, silver, BAC is a better, by most measures ,downtrend.

    And speaking of probabilities, its much better probabilities,
    to figure BAC, silver,SLV will probably make ;
    lower daily opens,
    lower daily closes,
    lower daily highs,
    lower daily lows,
    lower weekly opens,
    lower weekly closes
    lower weekly lows,
    lower weekly highs.
    2001 Stock Traders Almanac , & ''books'' may help you.

    Welcome to the forum;
    gold, GLD , is mostly uptrending on 1 year candle/barcharts.Wisdom is profitable to direct.

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