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  1. TraderRX actually no he would have made about $700 that day, what he normally does.

    There are very few stocks on NASDAQ where you can scalp 30,000 shares on bid and 30,000 on the offer. If the market is in a buying frenzy you can't buy the bid nor can you sell the offer in a freefall. (if you can please share with me by email as I'd love to learn how).

    He just used it for a day to have to prove to some friends it isn't anything like real life. Use a demo only to get used to the software that's it. The only way the demo could have some impact is if you thought it was real than at least emotions would be involved. YOu still though don't have the full experience of not being filled when you want to be.

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    Nobody is favoring anyone in those situations. It's simply that demand overwhelms supply or vice versa. So either you're among those with the fastest trigger finger or you'll have to pay up.
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    Of course an autoex agreements that your broker may have with an MM can help as it provides "artificial" liquidity at the inside market.
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