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  1. Before I retired and started trading full time, I was a private investigator. I decided to play Dick Tracey today, because I was somewhat suspicious of the "love" DTU was receiving on this board.

    I am not going to make any accusations, but I will let you know some of the evidence I found while sniffing around the board.

    If you type "DTU" into the search box on top, you would find a total of ten threads. If you read all threads carefully and look for any positive comments on DTU, you will find two users who had positive comments.

    Malcolm2, who made a total of two posts, on the same thread praising DTU, and never posted again.

    tiki, who is a new user and made five posts on his first day all praising DTU (he did not post on any other thread).

    There is another guy, Michael Norris, who at first seems to praise DTU, but he is only quoting Malcolm2 posts.

    You can be the judge on this one. We already know what happens when someone makes negative comments about DTU.

    I would encourage anyone who has actively participated on this board to come forward and praise DTU and prove me wrong.

    I can speak from first hand experience and say that I thought it was a total waste of money.

    tiki and Malcolm2, This is not a personal attack and I do respect your posts. I hope Ken is making you oodles of money. He didn't make any for me, and I would like to hear if anyone who has participated on more than five threads had a different experience.

  2. mindgame


    I'm a current member of DTU... am i a happy member??? not really... Yes ken has put an extraordinary amount of time and work in his venture, and deserves the respect he is entitled, but to be honest...

    His tutorials isn't something that IMHO groundbreaking like jack carter's 60min strategy... Now this strategy is something that is not found in books...

    Why am i voicing my opinion now??? welp... just to give ken a reality check that, just because members dont complain, you cant lump them into the "Happy member" category. The real litmus test is... of the total members, what percentage actually renews their memberships...

    i for one will not renew my membership... 1 have one month left... lets see if i get bann'd now... am i a disatisfied member??? not really... am i happy member??? not really... i'm more on the neutral-disappointed side.. why didnt i get a refund... dont need it, and i'm a lazy a$$ to go through the hassles of justifying why i'm not happy.....

    Why do i visit his site time after time??? to see if he updated his modules, which IMHO doesn't occur in a timely manor.. I wish there was a section where he updates us as to the date a section is completed... that is, he has the topic, but no examples and explainations and expected time of completion...

    Another place i have found to have a HUGE diversity of educational pages is

    Regarding to online trading rooms that charges fees... i personally dont think highly of them... yeah... they deserve to get paid for their time for tutoring... BUT!! i think i'll have more respect of them if they instead of touting i have made this much money,this is my %gains, we are professionals, etc... If you are making a killing, then hey... donate some of the proceeds to a charitable cause in need, after all you should be making more money off your trades than from member tuition costs... Its not the amount, its more the intention... This jesture would convince me that, you are personally making money off your trading, rather than pillaging from undereducated users...

    welp... i better cut it here... i can keep ramblin on and on and in tangents... If i'm making you all laugh at my circles... sorry... i'm sleep deprived... amazing what a newborn baby can do to you from lack of sleep :)

    peace :)
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    Sniper, did you experience his trading chat room or did you enroll in DTU?

    If you were in his chatroom, what is your experience regarding his 2day high/low breakout strategy? Did it work for you?
  4. Ken lives in Hawaii, and that new member's name was tiki. Nice coincidence, LOL
  5. FWIW - Ken also has an upcoming 2 day seminar in Anaheim in August ($975). Day Trading modules, $500/mo. chatroom, trading videos, seminars - vending must be more profitable than trading!
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    In his chatroom, on two separate recent occasions he posted a screenshot of several trades he claimed that he had just made on the Cyber demo. On each occasion, in about eight minutes of fast trading (according to the time logs), he pulled over $2,300+ net out of the market.

    Now allowing for slippage due to bad fills etc, how much would that be in the real world......hmmmmmmm

  7. Have you ever seen a paper/demo trader lose money?
  8. not the cyber demo!

    A buddy of mine made over a million in a day using that Demo. It lets you buy when there is a huge rally and sell during a panic without slippage and easy fills?

    WOuld he really make a million in real life? He trades for a living and knows better.

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    Allowing for slippage and bad fills that would occur with real trading, would you say your friend made only $650,000 that day? Is that so bad...:-D
  10. tradeRX

    It doesn't matter if it's $1 million or $1 - paper trading and real trading are apples and oranges.
    After having done my research and losing money on countless daytrading products, I have come to the conclusion that people who sell trading products or services like seminars, tapes, chatrooms, books etc on a FULL TIME basis don't know how to trade; otherwise they'd making their money trading and not having to deal with "customers."
    Just my .02. :cool:
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