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Discussion in 'Trading' started by silk, Apr 26, 2003.

  1. silk


    Anyone know a site that will list stocks with a daily range greater than $1? I believe there is one, i just forgot what it is.

    Also, anyone have stats on daily ranges of stocks this year versus last year. It seems that there are fewer stocks with a daily range greater than 3% than there used to be. Don't know if thats true, but thats my take from watching my screens every day.

    The way i trade it seems i churn if the stock doens't move 2%. Since fewer stocks are moving 2% than there used to be, i may need to focus more on stocks/sectors that are "in play". Instead of trading the same stocks every day when they can know longer be counted on to give me a decent range/volume.

    It seems like the daily ranges of stocks has contracted this year more than the contraction in the range in the indexes. I.E. fewer standout sectors/stocks. OSX is an example, it used to routinely move 3 points in a day, but now anything over 2 points is a huge move for it.
  2. okwon


    You can use the deluxe stock screener on MSN to get stocks that ranged over $1 today. I guess you could run the screen for a few days to get stocks that average over $1 or you could just create an XL sheet that queries the historical high and low values off the net and look for stocks that have a high/low difference of over $1 over the past few days, weeks, whatever.
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