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  1. lexcorp


    would this be a winning day, considering commissions?
    how much would commissions generally be when trading 400 shares in and 400 shares out?
    im playing with the demo 'instaquote' (i love it by the way) software this week, but today it says my commissions would be $880 for todays trading!? that sounds a bit steep. i dont think it calculates it correctly.
    my profit says $275 before commissions tho.
    would this be a winning day for you with the commissions that you pay? or would it be a losing day after commissions?
    20 trades with 400 shares and a few with 200 shares.
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  2. Occam


    If you want to know the commissions yourself, look up pricing for the "typical" brokers people would use for this type of trading (Interactive Brokers, Genesis, Assent, Lightspeed, etc.). To get good rates, you need to trade a certain amount per month.

    Keep in mind that the "simulator" may also be adding in other types of "slippage" costs, such as the spread. Simulated results are never 100% accurate, and typically get worse as you increase frequency.

  3. lexcorp


    nevermind, think i worked it out.
    Typical commissions are about 0.006 cent per share? if so, it would only be about $110 in commissions so a winning day still if so.

    edit: thx, occam.