Stock charting package C++ source code for sale.

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  1. Hello,

    I'm sailing the project with the exclusive using rights (with source code).

    This package allow charting EOD & RT data, have typical tech. indicator's set, can read quotes from MetaStock and txt files, have simple script language (hidden in TrendMedium), neural net (hidden in TrendMedium).
    Allow multilingual. Developed in CBuilder 6.0 with usage minimal external libs. Charting based on pure C++ code without external libs.

    Check out screenshot of the package:

    Download demo:

    Source code price is 1250 euro or $1750 usd (without ADVISER part).

    PS. For those who don't understand the difference between "project" and "package" ...
    if you an end-user then you buy some "package" of charting software from companies like, etc.. and you pay monthly fee for using it, it costs several dozens $$$ per month
    I'm selling software PROJECT, it means that you may propose YOUR charts for end-users, have you own and have those several dozens $$$ per month per user in your pocket. I hope you are able see the difference...
    This project can be base of your internal trading system also.

    NOTICE: Project sales WITHOUT adviser part.

    Contact me by via my web site, please:
  2. Sorry, price changed - $2500