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  1. Does anybody know good paid sites(like with membeship) where they give buy/sell signal? I mean they charge per month or per year.
  2. and its free.
  3. I'm looking for service like to signal buy/sell a specific stock/future a specific date or time. But It seems that doesn't have that kind of service.
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    I know of many – have even subscribed to a few...

    However I do not subscribe to any now…, and in good conscience would not recommend any of them

    A search of the net should provide potential candidates if you are so inclined

    Caveat emptor (always)

  5. Actually I found one. Does anybody subscribe this(or did)? If so, it really produces the profit(percentage) as they said in their history?
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    Of course you found one, you're here to promote it.
  7. No I'm not promoting it. I think most of this kind of sites are not really profitable. But someone may found really profitable one. For example, if someone found really working good strategy, they can make money with their own invest and they also can make more money with this kind of web business. Why not?
  8. The problem with most of these paid sites is that most of them don't work. And the reason they don't work is that they can be started by anyone.

    If someone is not a profitable trader, then why not sell subscription services? That way they are guaranteed that income.

    The seedier side of things is that they can then use their subscribers to essentially sell to in their engineered pump and dumps.

    I am not saying that all sites are like this. But youse pays youse money and youse takes youse chances, so to speak.


    p.s. you will also find that the most profitable traders don't have a site... they just trade and make money themselves. Why give away your secrets if you have them? Why not just make money with it?
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    You can use and for free to get some stock ideas. They're paid services tend to lose money though. Go figure.

    Looks like the cme folks are starting a day trading service as well now. I'll try that out and let ya know. I'm a sucker for these things.

    mymarketpicks looks pretty cheesey right off the bat though. Then I looked at their results and thought wow, look at all the big losses and tiny wins. They've barely eeked out a profit over a whole month in business. Just assume not being able to get filled at the exact penny they record, and that would probably be enough to turn negative.
  10. Well their strategy is secrete. But the result from the strategy(which stocks trade when) is not secrete. It will be very hard to find strategy from the result.
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