Stochastics are better than sliced bread

Discussion in 'Trading' started by fearless9, Mar 12, 2007.

  1. If only all days were like today.

    Anyway, I say stochastics are better than sliced bread.

    Which ever way you slice, dice and apply them they give you a comparative view of the market that you are trading.

    Viva la stochastics!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Oh great, now I'm hungry
  3. I'll have the sliced bread. Hold the stochastics.
  4. blast19


    How do you rate tortillas? I prefer them to sliced bread.
  5. I am long corn so cannot afford to buy tortillas
  6. feb2865


    there's corn tortillas

    I like the better than flour one's
  7. The stochastic is the only indicator that I use and I use it only for divergence as I think is a leading indicator of momentum reversals but I pay no attention to oversold or overbought readings.
  8. yea so many useless wave indicators

    I prefer candle charts
  9. I find halogen charts to be much more illuminating.

    Kidding aside, I think candle charts look more cluttered and confusing. I prefer good old fashioned bar charts.
  10. blast19


    You should love tortillas then because for the most part Mexicans only really eat corn tortillas. Flour are used sometimes for very specific dishes, but only a couple. Corn tortillas are a staple in Mexico and flour tortillas are more of an American thing...I prefer flour unless it's with traditional Mexican dishes which do taste better with corn...especially fresh.
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