Stimulus Plan

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  1. Gallup Poll-

    38% favor the plan.
    37% favor making major changes.
    17% favor rejecting the plan altogether.
    8% no opinion.

    "Major changes" + "Reject" = 54% = a Majority.

    If the majority of Americans unfavor the plan than what the hell is Washington thinking?
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    That they know what's better for us than we do. It's called the Nanny State, and Pelosi is it's mother, Reid it's father.
  3. They're thinking two things. One, use this crisis as an excuse to get government control over private business. Two, pay off important political constituencies, like ACORN.
  4. Um I'm sure majority of Americans would have opposed of entering WW2 before Perl Harbor. The majority is often wrong. The stimulus plan will inject confidence in the market & economy, which will make stocks go higher. Those who oppose it generally have no money and or want to see the US economy fail.
  5. So basically 54% of our country has no money and wants the economy to fail?

    I am very curious as to how you truly think you know something when you have no idea whatsoever.
  6. Half the country voted for Obama :p
  7. Ive been thinking this same thing of the majority who voted for Obama.
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    Actually, I was thinking the opposite on this part of your comment.
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    Don't you think a cap gains tax cut would have more of an impact on this than a pile of bacon?
  10. I think it is agreeable that the majority of Americans disagree with the plan because of the government programs.

    If a person sincerely thought that Obama would not massively increase government programs than they were totally uninformed.

    Therefore because the majority of Americans disagree with this stimulus package there must have been a large amount of people who were uninformed when they voted for Obama.
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