Stimulus Package quote of the day

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by empee, Jan 24, 2008.

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    I love free money! 100% upside from here!

    Whoops, sorry - having a flashback of sorts..
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    Just keep handing out free money,

    im telling you lowering rates and handing out free money to try and keep the economy from going into a recession is going to create significant problems soon.
  4. If only they could do it like that scene from Batman where the Joker is throwing it out onto the street from garbage bags.
  5. This is what the Fed computers looked like on Tuesday.


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    Best quote:

    "Why are my tax dollars going to someone who just qualified for a $600k home loan?"

    Swell, both parties working together to pander for votes in an election year.
  7. How come people don't understand this???
  8. Its what the Japs did
  9. The US is turning from an economic powerhouse to a joke. First you become the worlds biggest borrower to pay for your excess consumption and now tyou are selling off your most productive assets at rock bottom prices for the same reason.
  10. What a legacy you are leaving your children and their children. Thing isnt very different in Aus but we have always known it to a degree and hope somwhow we have enough minerals to sell.
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