Stimulus pack: Social programs never worked: we need mega projects (Mars, mega dam?)

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  1. Stimulus pack: Social programs never worked, this has already been tried.

    We need mega projects:

    *Manned visit to Mars
    * Another mega Hoover-style-dam (that would dwarf the chinese dam)
    and so on
  2. Get rid of all government that can't be privatized except the military, some aspects of the criminial system maybe a few other things and then eliminate the income tax.
  3. During a recession all corporations and individuals are trying to save.

    We need someone who spends (the gov't).
  4. I'd be happy if they'd start filling the f'n pot holes in the Chicago area. That would keep a couple thousand guys busy for a year.
    Problem is, in this bullshit world we live in they'd probably need a degree in geology to qualify for the job.:eek:
  5. The NObama Gummint wants to Socialize the economy... more hand-outs, more tax burden on fewer citizens.

    If they want the economy to grow, they need to broaden the tax base as much as possible at the lowest possible tax rate.

    We should have a National Sales Tax on the final retail purchaser. (It's been estimated that a sales tax would raise an additional $200B just from "underground" money which currently dodges taxes.)

    The tax could exempt certain things... like unprepared food, maybe utility bills, maybe clothes under a certain price.

    It could even have a Luxury Tax on high priced goods... like an extra 5-10% on the purchase of a Bentley or a yacht... if you've got that kind of money and choose to spend it that way, an extra tax is legitimate.

    Lower the tax rates, spread the tax base, and foreign companies would FLOOD into America to make their goods... and EMPLOY AMERICANS!!!
  6. Everybody talks about how broken is wall street, But nobody in the media talks about the disaster at washington.

    Washington is severely broken. And I think the system is rigged, and I think it's rigged against the american people. We have a rigged and a fake political system here which is very undemocratic.

    Welcome to the United Socialist States of America. :mad:
  7. We did a lot better when we had free public University tuition.

    One of the greatest wealth creating measures in this country, and something that most western Democracies have.

    As for privatizing everything, tell that to the NG guys that are coming back with zits all over because KBR can't get the laundry clean, and at 150lb instead of 180 because the food is literally rotten.

    If these services were being supplied by Army the QM would be being court marshaled.

    The worst thing that cound happen to these war profiteers is that they be forced to live off the same "food" that they have supplied to the troops.

    And don't get me started on ship overhauls. The NAVY is always on station, has a limited operating budget and has to blow money getting HALF THE OVERHAUL it would get at a Naval shipyard at TWICE THE PRICE in a private yard.

    Privatization is NOT CHEAPER.

    Just GRAFT, plain and simple!!
  8. you meant for zoology. :)
  9. I have to agree, but not the socialist part, it is more about incorporating shenanigan in Washington, old boy networking. :D