Stimulus money hard at work.

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    Ohio gets stimulus money for broadband mapping

    Amazing how great this stimulus money is being put to work, creating a map to show where broadband exists and how fast it is, are they fucking kidding me. Why any kind of money would even involve such a worthless project is beyond me. The sad part is that there are hundreds of billions of dollars yet to flow into newer projects. I can just imagine the projects set forth with this worthless stimulus money.

    (AP) – 11 hours ago
    COLUMBUS, Ohio — Ohio is getting $1.8 million in federal stimulus money to help create a map of where broadband Internet access is available and how fast it is.
    The money is part of a larger effort to create a national map that will guide policies aimed at expanding high-speed Internet access. Stimulus awards to Ohio and 14 other states were announced this week by the U.S. Department of Commerce.
    Internet service providers have committed to handing over data about where they have broadband coverage.
    Ohio found in 2008 that broadband is available to more than 90 percent of residents, but only half subscribed to the service. Access is a problem in urban neighborhoods with high poverty, isolated rural counties and mountainous areas where rugged terrain make laying cable expensive.