Stimulus Cost More Than Iraq War

Discussion in 'Economics' started by pspr, Aug 23, 2010.

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  2. So do you think its a good idea to spend hundreds of billions of dollars destroying and rebuilding other countries, or do you think we should spend that money building up our own infrastructure?

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    You know, the wisdom of invading Iraq can be debated all day long. I'm just pointing out the fact that our government wasted more money on the stimulus bill than going to war in Iraq. And, yes, the vast majority of the money was wasted imo.
  4. The article also points out that more money was spent on Medicare, do you think that was wasted as well?
  5. With the war money, we blew shit up in other countries and destroyed networks of terrorists that wanted to blow shit up here.

    With the stimulus money, we rebuilt companies that blew shit up here(economically), so they could continue to blow shit up(economically) sometime later in the future.

    Kind of tough to see which was the better choice.
  6. Both are bad. And if you call the ridiculous pork paid for by the stimulus "infrastructure," I'd hate to think what you consider gov't waste.
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  8. yeap, lots of those crawling around in the rubble in Iraq
  9. Exactly. Lots of fraud in Medicare and Social Security as well--it's gamed by many people on the "disability" side as well as young women who move in with SS sugar daddies in their late 60s.
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