Stimulating Creative Thinking

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  1. WinSum


    The right side of the brain is responsible for the creative thinking and the left side of the brain is responsible for analytical thinking.

    What are some methods to stimulate/exercise the right side of the brain besides painting or listening to music ?
  2. nitro


    This is an interesting question, but you left out one important part, perhaps where true higher creativity is involved - the corpus collasum and the communication between the two hemispheres.

    I think that games that engage the two hemispheres and require high activity in both are best. Games like Go, Chess and Bridge.

    Abstract Mathematics, in particular modern forms of Topology or Geometry or highly abstract Physics like M-Theory are probably the ultimate.

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    You are ahead of me. That was going to be my next question. What are good exercises for connecting both side of the brain.


    Before, I can get to that stage, I am looking ways to exercise right side of the brain, so it is on par with the other side of brain activities.

  4. Reading novels, and the mental images you weave will be more eloquent as your right brain expands out.
  5. nbates


    What about 'electro-shock therapy'? It worked for me! :)

    Seriously though - physical activities can be good and (IMO) good brain exercise can be achieved by using your non-dominant hand.

    For example of you're right handed;

    - if you play an instrument try it with your left hand,
    - use your left hand for the PC mouse
    - dial the phone with your left hand
    - etc
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    Can you steer me in the right direction about reading novels. Can you recommend some titles or authors that I should explore.

    Is the mental imaging technique same as meditation or are you referring to something differenct ?

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    Funny thing that you mention about the mouse. I been doing that and are now equally proficient with both hands.

    It drives my family members nuts when they want to use the computer. Sometimes the mouse is on the right side and sometimes it is on the left side. LOL
  8. Banjo


    Take piano, write the sheets for every instrument in an ensemble.
  9. Nothing stretches the brain like trying to figure out how to get a new girlfriend off efficiently with the least alcohol and physical effort.
  10. hans37


    Try meditation while taking smart drugs.
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