Stillwater Mining Corporation SWC Time to play the Palladium rally mmmm.mmm.good...

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  1. 50% of total Palladium demand involves automobiles in cat convertors. A miner of Palladium in North America is SWC. It is directly linked to the price of Palladium and its price swings are oftentimes manic with 300-400% returns realized in a matter of a month.

    At the current levels, Im looking for a 400% return...
  2. Michael Scott where are you?
  3. probably at the Office :D

  4. You see demand for palladium increasing that munch in a month? Maybe 2 years, but a month?
  5. In 3-5 years we may have significent numbers of electric cars that have no Cat. convertors
  6. This guy can't help your trades. You need to get into the mines right now. The miners are going to help your trades.

    Just buy it.


  7. auto sales way down.
  8. Ok lets get serious for a minute.

    If GM, F and DAI close their doors then what happens? Factories get shut down mass unemployment...industrial metal prices will go way down as there is no more demand. Factories shuttered, doomsday for the mines.

    If Ford or GM went out of business then the price of Palladium would have cratered. The mines would have gone out of business.

    Why did SWC shoot straight up? Thats because the price of Palladium started to rebound. The price was rebounding because the first shipment of government money just hit GM. GM keeps operating and generates more cars we dont need leading to Palladium demand.

    Also, not to mention, many mines have been shuttered and the production isnt that great. Less production equals less supply, GM is pumping out more useless cars equals demand.

    mmm mmmm goood. Palladium. I bet you didnt know much about Palladium...mmmm mmm goood. buy it!!!