still using Tradestation 2000i ?

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    I have been trying to get 2000i up and running and even bought an old Win 98 computer to run it. I Invested $300 more in historical data cd's and started reading Street Smarts along with installing the TS indicators from Street smarts writen by Rick Saidenberg(sorry if spelling is wrong Rick) I am looking for others who are on the same path. I am having problems importing some historical data. I need some advise on perhaps changing to Win 2000. Am I the only one using this program? BTW, it is my legal copy. Without any support I am thinking of cutting my losses and giving it up. Any help or advise is appreciated.

  2. I know this isn't really answering your question. But noticed you said you had to buy an old computer to run it. You may be better off getting virtualization software like VMWware or Virtual PC or Virtual Box to run the software. I believe the first one has software that allows you to port the program onto your main desktop as if it were a native program. Not sure. Either way, at least you'd be running it on a faster more modern machine.
  3. Win98? WTF?

    I have several WinXp/Vista pc's with TS2000i working 'round the clock. No problem.

    Why not just go with the new tradestation brokerage? Much easier for a beginner.
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    What instruments are you trading? I found that TS2000 was impossible when it came to adding or deleting instruments, the Global Server was just hell to deal with. If you get a Tradestation brokerage you can screen out 1000 stocks with Excel or an online screener, copy and paste into Radarscreen and it's up and running in few seconds... click on the instrument and you have a chart in the blink of an eye...

    If I was trading a few futs contracts with TS2000 it might be ok but between that software and Win98 you are going to go nuts... Have you looked at Multicharts?
  5. I am running TS 2000i on my Tandy TRS-80 with no problems, the backfill sometimes takes a day or two, using dial up, but I have had some great trading results.

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    I appreciate all the responses. I tried using Vista. It installed fine once but Global server got corrupted and needed to re-install. That's when all the trouble began. It will install in safe mode but more and more problems. I tried using Vista's backward compatibility mode to no avail. I got tired of taking up my best computer to wait several hours for the import process. now, using 98se it took 36 hours to get 1 year ES tick processed. There are so many damned security issues on these new computers I thought it better to go 98 disconnected from the internet and be dedicated. My plan is to just do nuts and bolts experimenting with Street Smarts indicators and go with TradeStaion online when I get something that looks good. I don't want to be under the pressure to trade or paying 100/month if I don't trade while testing ideas. Especially since I paid 2400 for 2000i. A waste not to use it.
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    I don't know what to say. As far as I know 2000i requires 100meg minimum RAM to run properly. Radioshack' back then might have had 64k. Did I miss something or was it a joke. If a joke then it was a good one.
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    I would really appreciate some guidance on how to go about running 2000i on Vista. Are you using 2000i for trading or just testing? Are the computers dedicated. What about all the security issues? Thanks for any advise.

  9. not sure where you're missing it... but your story doesn't quite fit. i have it on w2k and xp - no issues. i'd ditch w98 1st. it's just inherently poor compared to xp or even windows 2000.

    2000i can be used easily...
    i have IB + ts 2000i (and metaserverRT to connect data to globalserver)

    works nice
    vista and 2000i
  10. Has anyone had the experience of 2000i not producing accurate backtesting results when compared to those of more recent programs like NT or Amibroker?

    I once read in a forum I don't remember now where and when that 2000i had some problems executing trades after it closed a position.
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