Still running Windows XP SP2? Why?

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    the people,who are using SP2 probably do have reasons for it and most likely aware of those security issues.

    really? what about 3rd party software?
  3. OP- MSDN link please?

    Does this apply to XPx64 (there is no SP3 for xp64) or is it only for XPx86 (32-bit)?

    Thx... I'm switching over to W7x64 but been having trouble with some video cards (Matrox G450 quads) and I'm too cheap to upgrade at the moment.

    PS - MSFT is phasing out support for all XP products eventually, though I thought it was in the 2012 time frame and not so soon.
  4. I tried the update to Sp3 it did not work and had to reformat.
    And I read somewhere that computers with AMD processors can not run the XP SP3 updates, it is not compatible.
  5. My solution is to run XP in a VM for very specific purposes. Rather than buy licenses, I just use all the sticker labels on old, disposed computers and enter those in. People donate these XP boxes to donation centers now, just grab the stickers and you've got a fresh, workable license.

    I'd love to buy Windows 7, but it's not cheap and piracy is not practical.
  6. Everything you read on the internet is true. I read that world will be ending in 2012. Also these nice guys from Nigeria have some money for me and if I order some pills it will make penis larger.

    Could you imagine the lawsuit AMD would have if M$ made an update that only worked on Intel computers? Think about it.
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    have no idea where this nonsense might come from.all my Pc's are is SP 3 -

    download,save install. no problem at all.note-on some AMD CPU -drivers and soft for max performance are required. you might missing something in your initial SP3 install
  8. WinXP+SP3 works perfectly fine with AMD. I'm running it on a quad-quad-core Dell M905 (4 Barcelonas) with 128gb. Not that WinXP can take advantage of all that memory or 16-cores, but it does work.

    The problem is an order of operations. It's best to do a clean WinXP installation, then SP3, then applications AFTER the SP. If you try to install ANY ServicePack after installing applications, those may break and you may need to reinstall some or all your applications or it may even break your Windows installation completely.

    When in doubt, make a full image-backup of your boot-drive using an imaging software like Ghost or Acronis. Then you can find the best scenario to update. If SP3 won't take due to having applications installed after SP2, uninstall those applications in LastIn/FirstOut order and roll back to clean SP2. Then install SP3 and roll it forward with your applications again.
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