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  1. with the exception that the overall PE ratio of the Sp00z is down 50%. What this means is that earnigns have held steady, but prices have been cut in half which is what happend in 2001 during the last 'recession'. This means many stocks are trading at a huge discount.

    The fundamentals of the US economy are still strong. Colleges are still packed, and tution hitting record highs. Gas prices still rising. People still using facebook, myspace, twitter. Web 2.0 sites are still recporting record traffic & revenue. Silicon Valley hasn't been impacted at all. Neither has Texas and many areas of the south and mid west. People still maxing out credit cards andtaking out home loans., google, appl, and rimm, for example are thriving in this mild recession.

    Certain sectors have been hurt; mainly:

    Financial, transport, brick & mortal retail, mortgage

    but other sectors are thriving:

    large cap tech, multinational, defense, commodity, and, green energy, internet, and

    The key is putting the economic 'doom and gloom' in perspective. Are things really that bad? no. Is this a deep recession? no.
  2. un fucking believable, wow you are so blind.
  3. And the unemployment rate and other economic indicators must be some sort of a mirage in this shallow recession? Must be that your data-collection capabilities are superior to anything those silly people at places like the BLS and the ISM are using.
  4. The key really is to put your trading account in perspective with the doom and gloom. The gloom is sky high and your account is in the dumpster.

    What does that tell you?
  5. It is common knowledge through reported earnings coming out almost EVERY SINGLE DAY that earnings have not held steady. Very few companies have held steady earnings. VERY few.

    Brick and MORTAL retail????
  6. GTS


    You mean like the community college you attend?

    Sorry to hear that you're having trouble. Maybe you can start pulling double-shifts at McDonalds to cover it?
  7. ???

    are you from this planet ???

    operating earnings are down 70% from Q4 2007