Still Not Sure How I Will Vote

Discussion in 'Politics' started by oldtime, Oct 23, 2012.

  1. Sometimes I think I will just stay home, that certainly would be the most convenient thing

    But I don't want to give up my right to bitch for the next 4 years

    Sometimes I think I will just vote against the incumbant, but I don't want to give my vote to a republican or democrat

    Sometimes I think I will just vote for any 3rd party candidate, no matter how crazy they are

    Sometimes I think I will just vote a straight democratic ticket, just to see what they do when they run out of money

    Sometimes I think I will vote a straight Rebublican ticket. I don't know why. I guess because the democrats are so stupid and it's fun to piss them off.
  2. If you trade for a living, you'll vote for candidates that are strongly against the financial transaction tax (FTT).
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    Not voting does not take away your right to bitch. The only way you lose your right to bitch is if you voted for the guy who won. If a candidate wins and you voted for them then the only person you have to blame is yourself if they screw up.
  4. not bad, That way, I can still bitch, but I won't be responsible

    I think Obama is going to win, so I should vote for Romney
  5. it's really nothing short of brilliant when you think about it

    always vote for the underdog

    if it gets neck and neck and goes down to the wire, I can just vote for Gary Johnson
  6. Ricter


    Interesting logic. As jem is certain Romney will win, I guess I should vote for Obama (so long as he's not a supply-sider).
  7. like the man said, vote for the winner and I'm going to be blaming you for the next four years for everything that goes wrong
  8. Isn't that the argument some people used to vote W (thinking he would not win) instead of the more intelligent alternatives? W. (and their votes) led America to where it is now.
  9. sorry, I missed that, what were all the intelligent people doing?

    I don't know what country you live in, but I live in the USA. We have food, clothing and shelter and don't have to hardly think about it.

    A little hard to make the kind of money we use to make, but nothing really to worry about if you are an astute trader.
  10. They were voting W, thinking they were intelligent and that W. would lose.
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