Still not a bear market

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  1. In order for it to officially be a bear market the S&P 500 must close BELOW 1252. A lot of stupid pundits say we're already in a bear market when it isn't the case. The nasdaq doesn't count. It has the be the S&P 500.

    Will we enter a bear market? No we won't. We're close to one, but still 40 points away. It would take another 3.5% decline in the S&P 500 to actually enter a bear market.

    The futures are looking pretty good. Usually when they are only down a little before Europe opens they tend to move higher and possibly green. If the markets open lower by 3/10% expect heavy 10:00 buying and a 100+ point day on the dow.

    That will probably be the bottom.

    No bear market and no recession. Not gonna happen. Buffet is wrong. Cheap dollar is good. Everyone anticipates more economic weakness and more selling, but will it happen? Maybe not.
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    I recently discovered this forum but something tells me you have to be the dumbest muther fucker posting here.
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    Tell that to some poor bastard who bought the Dow when it was 14,000. Do you think he gives a rats-ass what constitutes an official bear or bull market?

    One thing you cleared-up for those who was wondering if Warren Buffet is right or wrong? We now have the assurance of knowing he is wrong.
  6. Only 2 posts, a brand new member, and already a basher? Probably another duplicate account, which will be deleted in short order.

    Dow 11,857.00 -34.00 -0.29
    S&P 500 1,289.10 -3.70 -0.29
    NASDAQ 1,702.25 -6.50 -0.38

    Futures looking very good right now and are already edging higher in the past three hours. Oh no Asia selling off huge but over in America the futures only off by a little. The buyers are gonna step in real soon. The fed will cut, the dollar will fall, and the market will surge. Now would be a very good time to take short profits and go long.
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    There are long and short opportunities each and every day. Whether it's a bull or a bear market doesn't matter when you're trading intraday. Except for the fact you'll want to take mostly longs in the first and shorts in the latter.

    As for this not being a bull market, unless you clearly define what is a bull or a bear market, there's no point in discussing.

    But according to Dow Theory, and that has been and is still the most reliable signal in my book, we are in a bear market ever since we broke the August low's. Whatever the Nasdaq or S&P does, is irrelevant.
  8. LOL I signed in just to post in respose to this comment... funniest thing I've heard all day and for some reason it just made me laugh so hard out loud.
  9. Dow theory is overrated.

    No need to over trade when you can make fewer trades and make more money longer term

    Futures have improved A LOT since this thread was started.

    Dow 11,879.00 -12.00 -0.10
    S&P 500 1,291.60 -1.20 -0.09
    NASDAQ 1,703.75 -5.00 -0.29

    Should be a very green day tomorrow and for rest of week.

    Have losses on some stocks but not losing sleep over it.
  10. Dow 11,915.00 24.00 0.20
    S&P 500 1,295.20 2.40 0.19
    NASDAQ 1,710.50 1.75 0.10
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