Still in College - Any Advice

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by Rex32, May 3, 2006.

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    I'm a sophomore at Penn State now, just looking for any advice or reading that people could point me to.

    Thanks a lot,
  2. In what regards?
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    War and Peace.
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    HaHa, already considered the sex change, a little too expensive. :p

    I'm just looking to read and learn what the most I can while still in college.
    I'm majoring in Finance so that should help as well.

  5. Trading, Options, Forex, T/A, F/A, futures,????

    When you ask for help, you might want to let people know what you are asking help for.

  6. Rex32


    Sorry for being vague, im fried from exams week.
    I'm looking to get into day trading, and into a career that involves trading. The information I'm mainly looking for is for stock trading and careers in stock trading.

  7. Stay there
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    You went to Penn State and you want to get into daytrading? Damn, what are these liberal professors teaching these young kids these days?
  9. The best advice I or anyone here can give you is to stay away. Major in botany or something and invest in a mutual fund. (thats the 90% answer)..

    But if you want more, the name of the game is CAPITAL. Capital Accumulation, and Capital Distribution. Capital flows from those who have little to those who have a lot. Simple as that.
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