Still holding my long USDJPY

Discussion in 'Forex' started by trader4pips, Apr 9, 2007.

  1. Well, I got stopped out of my USDJPY trade for a total profit of 140 pips. Not to shabby, though I wish it didn't take 2 weeks!

    Still in my GBPUSD position, and currently up about 80 pips.
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  2. Swiss has a higher interest rate isnt? Yen is probably the best deal. Manipulation from the government is good. Dont they manipulate the yen down anyway for exports reasons? But carrying it against the euros or gbp or aussie might be better deal than the dollar.
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  3. I just want the pips, the interest is a nice bonus, but it does not drive my trading.
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  4. Went short on the USDCHF 15 minutes ago. About to take a new long position on the USDJPY. Wish me luck. :)
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  5. Sorry, I have been away the last few days.

    I reversed my long position for the USDJPY on Monday for a profit of 53 pips. I have been short since and am currently up 142 pips.

    My USDCHF position is doing quite well, as it is up 106 pips at the moment.

    This software is really starting to turn out some major pips.
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  6. Okay, I just exited my USDJPY position for a profit of 111 pips. I am now short again.

    USDCHF is up to +119 pips!

    Also, have just learned of a promotion the site is offering. You can now get a lifetime license for the price of a year subscription.

    Wish I had of got it, but figured I would let y'all know.
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  7. Update:

    Lots of signals on the USDJPY yesterday and today so far, and they haven't been all good.

    Last night I went short at about 4:00pm est and took a 31 pip profit after an hour. I then reversed my position but the market continued to fall.

    Well, I will just upload a picture of my trading summery for the USDJPY, much easier than typing this all out.

    Notice I am up 419 pips overall on the month. :)

    As for the USDCHF, I am currently up 95 pips on my short position.
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  8. Did I call it or what.
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  9. :D

    Well I got stopped out of my short USDJPY position earlier for a loss of 30 pips.

    I closed out my USDCHF short position for a profit of 92 pips.

    That is it for me for the week, all things considered, not a bad week.
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  10. I think it's a good time to short USDJPY
    Yen was unable to strengthen significantly during last leg up
    And profit taking considering weak economic numbers might cause carry trade unwinding

    started small short 119.1

    will add if it goes down from here

    target 117.5 or lower
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